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Professional energy saving hot air dryer manufacturer More than 2000 sets products have been sold to overseas countriesNational High-tech Enterprise, Provincial heat pump engineering technology research and development Center

Phnix group (herein after refer to as "Phnix") established in 2003, with its decade year experience on heat pump field, Phnix became one of the most influenced heat pump manufacturer in China. Till now, more than 10 branch companies and 2000 employees are making great contributions to Phnix rapid development.


Phnix has a complete production line of heat pump dryer products, such as printing dryer, fruit dryer, wood dryer, grain dryer, tobacco dryer and so on. By using heat pump system inside hot air dryers, Phnix heat pump dryer products can replace traditional heating equipment very well, the futures of Phnix hot air heat pump dryers including 50% or more electricity energy saving, high COP up to 3.5, safe and clean drying environment, high drying quality and short investment cycle.


Besides its heat pump dryer products, Phnix also produce various heat pump products, for instance, phnix swimming pool products always ranked top three among the whole country, and other products, like hot water heat pump, swimming pool dehumidifiers, room heating and cooling heat pumps, fresh air products and so on are also very popular and highly recognized among the oversea market.

As an international enterprise, PHNIX group attaches great importance to high-end overseas markets, exporting more than 50% of its products to Europe, North America , Middle East, Australia, and other developed regions. 



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