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Sausage drying process

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Sausage is very popular because its unique processing technology and taste. With the development of science and technology, heat pump dryer can also be used as sausage drying. Recently, Phnix dryer successfully applied heat pump to Cantonese sausage drying project in Beihai, Guangxi, and the taste quality of sausage drying was recognized by customer.


Cantonese sausage is made of wrung lean meat and diced fat, add some seasoning, then poured into natural casings or artificial casings and dried. Due to the addition of more sugar and wine and put under high temperature and humidity environment, Cantonese sausage has a unique flavor. The drying process of Cantonese sausage is decided by customers. By using Phnix dryer, it’s intelligent temperature and humidity control enable customer produce high-quality Cantonese sausage.


Picture below is the Phnix dryer installed in the sausage production line


According to the director of Guangxi Beihai Cantonese sausage company, they learned Phnix sausage dryer through network consultation. After visiting and comparing several other dryer products,they finally decided to cooperate with Phnix for it’s professional and rich experience on dryer products. The drying room size is 3.4m* 5.7m*3m, and full loading capacity is 750kgs everytime. Model PAXRW120S-U-PS+PAXRG120S-D is selected.


The feature of Cantonese sausage is it’s drying process usually devided into 4 steps:

a1st step is 1.5hours, drying temperature is 45, this step doesn’t need dehumidification.

b2nd step is 1.5hours, drying temperature is 50, this step needs dehumidification.

c3rd step is 1.5hours, drying temperature is 55, this step needs dehumidification constantly.

D4th step, drying temperature is 45, this step needs dehumidification constantly, and continue drying till the quality reach standard.


By learning the actual sausage drying effect, customers are very satisfied with Phnix dryer. Besides, Phnix dryer don’t need add any chamical reagent during whole drying process, which makes sausage more safe and clean.





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