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Sea cucumber drying process

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Sea cucumbers belong to invertebrates, echinoderms and sea cucumbers. There are more than 900 kinds in the world, about 140 kinds in China. Among them, the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific Ocean are the regions with the largest species and resources of Shanghai ginseng in the world. Sea cucumbers in China are distributed in temperate and tropical areas. In temperate areas, sea cucumbers are mainly distributed in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. The main economic species are sea cucumbers, which are also the most famous sea cucumbers in China. In tropical areas, sea cucumbers are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Guangdong and Hainan coastal areas, and the main economic species are Mermaid, etc. Xisha Islands, Nansha Islands and Hainan Island are the main habitats of tropical sea cucumber in China. Among all kinds of delicacies, sea cucumber is regarded as the "eight treasures", and it also has the functions of tonifying and keeping in good health. In the past half century, the research on more than 40 kinds of chemical components of sea cucumber by scholars at home and abroad has shown that sea cucumber is not only rich in more than 50 kinds of nutrients needed by human body, such as amino acids, vitamins and chemical elements, but also contains a variety of bioactive substances, such as acid mucopolysaccharide, saponin and collagen protein, and the pharmacological activities of the bioactive substances of sea cucumber are very extensive.



Sea cucumber drying process

1.Sea cucumber cuts its mouth and squeezes its intestines. Clean the sea cucumber with clear water, cut a 3cm hole with scissors from its abdomen, remove the internal organs and intestines. If the intestines are not removed, the whole sea cucumber will melt away


2. Clean. Sea cucumber is generally difficult to clean, so after taking out the viscera, it needs to be cleaned repeatedly.


3. Cooking and salt mixing: put the cleaned sea cucumber into a pot at about 90 for cooking, and use tools to stir back and forth to prevent uneven water temperature. At this time, the sea cucumber shrank rapidly and its thorns were obviously prominent. After half an hour, take out the sea cucumber and mix in the coarse salt as the case may be.

Phnix dryer-sea cucumber drying process

Put the sea cucumber on the tray, put it in the drying room, start the sea cucumber dryer, set the temperature, humidity, time and other parameters, and then start the automatic drying. Note: if they are common salt dried sea cucumbers, the temperature can be slightly higher; if they are high-quality light dry or pure light dry sea cucumbers, it can use the cold air drying mode, and the drying equipment temperature can be set at 10-30 .




Dryer program calculator

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